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PIXELTEQ provides OEM spectral sensing and imaging solutions, patterned optical filters, and custom electro-optical devices for a variety of aerospace, biomedical, industrial, scientific, and security applications.  At the heart of each multispectral device is an array of pixel-level spectral filters purpose-built for your application.  Leveraging comprehensive know-how in thin film coating, micro-patterning and electro-optical integration, our specialists collaborate with your team to provide expert design assistance and custom-engineered solutions – from rapid prototyping through high-volume OEM production.

PIXELTEQ is a subsidiary of Halma plc, an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology.


In addition to a full range of custom optical coatings and micro-patterned filters, PIXELTEQ provides spectral cameras and sensors including…

SpectroCam Multispectral Cameras that deliver a configurable hardware & software platform for application development and deployment using sequential video-rate imaging for up to 8 spectral bands at a time using interchangeable optical filters.

PixelCam Multispectral Cameras that provide true snapshot multi-band imaging using a variety of area &  linear sensors for application-specific cameras with small form factors and straightforward device integration.

PixelSensor Multispectral Photodiodes combine precision spectral filters with the fast linear response of photodiodes and arrays – opening new possibilities for optical sensors.

OEM Integration - from patterned optical filters to turnkey imagers, PIXELTEQ is your partner for delivering multispectral sensing & imaging soluions from proof-of-concept through volume production.

  • Advanced coating platforms enable optimization of precision / throughput requirements
    • Ion beam sputtering
    • Magnetron sputtering
    • Ion assist evaporation systems
  • OEM scalable volume manufacturing to millions of units per month
  • Optical-grade class 1000 clean rooms and class 100 work areas
  • Online process monitoring and control systems
  • Automated, high volume spectral analysis equipment to ensure consistency and quality
  • Experienced staff of thin film coating engineers, optical designers and electro-optical specialists
  • In-house environmental testing for humidity, temperature, shock, vibration and acoustics
  • Patented microlithography process for precision micro-patterning of spectral filters & optical coatings
  • 3D rapid prototype printing (stereo-lithography)
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • ITAR registered, registration code M26287

PIXELTEQ’s unique spectral sensing & imaging capabilities and solutions fit a wide variety of practical uses for a diverse group of clients including:

  • OEM electo-optical devices
  • Art & archaeology
  • Biomedical & life sciences
  • Food & agriculture
  • Forensics & inspection
  • Security & authentication
Managing Director
Marco Snikkers
Telefon: +1 (0) 727 5450741
eMail: marco.snikkers@pixelteq.com
URL: www.pixelteq.com
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