Event Information: Forest & Photonics 2016

Forest & Photonics 2016, 26.10.-27.10.2016, Koli (Finland)
Forest & Photonics 2016, 26.10.-27.10.2016, Koli (Finland)

Forest & Photonics 2016


Forest & Photonics workshop gathers together top photonics and bio economy experts 

International conference for scientists and business developers at Koli National Park, Finland, in October 2016 

Koli National Park in northeastern Finland will be the venue for Forest & Photonics workshop on October 26th and 27th, 2016. The international event will gather together researchers and business developers from the fields of photonics and bio economy. 

Forest & Photonics 2016 has four themed tracks 

  1. Digitalization of bio economy: how the internet of things, big data, remote sensing and other emerging trends are utilized in bio economy. Topics covered include using satellite images and airborne laser scanning in assessing forest inventory.
  2. Intelligent supply chain: machine vision and other photonics applications changing the way forestry machines are operated.
  3. Industry and process innovations: breakthroughs in mechanical and chemical processing of wood and other biomass materials. Topics covered include use of photonics and advanced optical measuring in timber industry.
  4. Virtual reality: how emerging technologies such as virtual reality goggles, augmented reality head-up displays and eye movement tracking advance the industry.

Registration to Forest & Photonics 2016

The event is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Remember to make your registration on 15th October 2016 at the latest. See the details and make the registration here.

Venue and travel information

Forest & Photonics 2016 will be held at Sokos Hotel Koli, Yläkolintie 39, Koli National Park, Finland, on 26th and 27th of October, 2016.
Travel information, flight, train and bus schedules here.


Remember to make your hotel reservation on 15th October 2016 at the latest. 
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For more information

Juha Purmonen 
Development Manager, Joensuu Science Park 
telephone: +358 50 354 3832  
email: juha.purmonen @ tiedepuisto.fi