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    Video: Mobile optical 3D inspections for industrial, biological and medical applications
    Dr. Harald Babucke - GFMesstechnik GmbH Content: Company Building & Address Timeline 3D – Vision-Sensors from GFM Measurement of cutting edges 3D-Measurement of decor material 3D- capturing of data matrix codes 3D-capturing of Braille points Mobile Measurement of paper structure Medical applications of 3D skin measurement systems Keywords: Products & Services (P&S), Vision Sensors, Industry, Videos 2013 ...
    Erstellt: 14.03.2013 20:06
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    16. SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Karlsruhe
    Presentations about Mobile Smart Shape, Color and Spectrum Measuring and Signature Imaging in Industry, Biology and Medicine, 05.03.2013, Karlsruhe ...
    Erstellt: 07.03.2013 13:40
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    Video: Innovative Mobile 3D Texture Measurement in Industry, Biology and Medicine
    Dr. Harald Babucke - GFMesstechnik GmbH Content: DLP based 3D skin measurement from GFMesstechnik GmbH 3D-Identification of hitting numbers 3D-Measurement of interior decor material 3D- capturing of data matrix codes 3D- capturing of Braille points 3D measurement of tissue materials 3D-measurement of ski tread 3D-measurement of skin surfaces Keywords: Videos 2012, Industry, Medicine, Biology, Products & Services (P&S), Acquisition, Systems ...
    Erstellt: 08.10.2012 22:17
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    JENCOLOR Innovation Forum 2012 - 14. SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena
    Presentations about Innovative Smart Color & Multispectral Imaging Applications in Industry, Biology & Medicine, 05.09.2012, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 07.09.2012 11:47