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    Video: Making Cameras Smarter: FPGA Based Image Pre-processing Unleashed
    Michael Noffz - Silicon Software GmbH, Mirko Benz - Baumer GmbH   Content: Baumer and Silicon Software have teamed up to develop a new class of smart FPGA cameras. These will combine high speed sensors with a standard GigE Vision interface. Essential element of the concept is exploiting the processing power of the camera FPGA. The FPGA technology is best suited performing image pre-processing and data reduction on-the-fly. The major benefit for users is the high-level programmability of the FPGA image processing. This is provided by Silicon Software's programming tool Visual Applets. Thus customers are enabled to develop their own application specific pre-processing to be executed directly on the acquisition device. Furthermore, ready to use SmartApplets will be made available for common tasks. Those pre-defined solutions will be provided by a partner network providing SmartApplets, consulting, and implementation services. Benefit ...
    Erstellt: 03.12.2012 22:05
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    VISION 2012 Stuttgart
    VISION 2012, 06.11.-08.11.2012, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 18.11.2012 17:22
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    VISION 2011 Stuttgart
    VISION 2011, 08.11.-10.11.2011, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 12.11.2011 22:47