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    Video: Towards the Estimation of Non-Uniform Illumination in Real-World Scenes
    David Bernecker - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Content: Illumination Changes Color Appearance Color Constancy: Separate Illumination and Material Example Approach: Gray World / Gray Edge Limitation: Assumption of Globally Uniform Illumination Our Prior Work on Local Illuminant Estimation What is Wrong with this Approach? Contribution of this Study Algorithm Overview, Input and Output Segmentation of the Scene Local Illuminant Estimation Computation of the Segment Confidence Selecting Candidate Illuminants Qualitative Results Discussion Summary Keywords: Research & Development (R&D), Industry, Shape, Software, Illuminations, Videos 2013 ...
    Erstellt: 08.01.2014 7:14
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    19. Workshop Farbbildverarbeitung Berlin
    19. Workshop Farbbildverarbeitung 2013, 26.09.-27.09.2013, Berlin ...
    Erstellt: 05.10.2013 16:41