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    Video: High Resolution TDI in Hyper-Spectral Imaging
    Matthias Sonder - DALSA Corporation​ Content: What is Imaging? TDALSA Spectral Coverage Spectral Technology Hyper-Spectral Challenge Reduced Resolution Improvement Options Extended Spectral Range Keywords: Color, Industry, Research & Development (R&D), Spectral, Shape, Videos 2016, Vision Sensors ...
    Erstellt: 22.06.2016 9:48
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    Video: Multispektrale Technologien Technologien für das gesamte Spektrum
    Sebastian Loeb - DALSA Corporation? Content: Was ist multispektrale Bilderfassung? Warum multispektral? Industrielle Inspektion / NDT Ausdünnung der Rückseite Hintergrundbeleuchtung Multispektrale Filter Multispektrale Technologie: Filter Hyperspektrale Technologie Introducing Calibir™ Keywords: Color, Industry, Products & Services (P&S), Spektral, Shape, Videos 2016 ...
    Erstellt: 17.05.2016 11:22
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    STEMMER IMAGING - Technologieforum Bildverarbeitung 2015 Unterschleißheim
    STEMMER IMAGING - Technologieforum Bildverarbeitung, 03.11.-04.11.2015, Unterschleißheim ...
    Erstellt: 15.11.2015 21:38
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    VISION 2014 Stuttgart
    VISION 2014, 04.11.-06.11.2014, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 15.11.2014 11:59
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    STEMMER IMAGING - Technologieforum Bildverarbeitung Unterschleißheim
    STEMMER IMAGING - Technologieforum Bildverarbeitung, 13.11.-14.11.2013, Unterschleißheim ...
    Erstellt: 21.11.2013 22:46
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    DALSA GigE Vision Roadmap
    J.P. Luevano - International Sales Manager DALSA Corporation Inhalt: Genie Series, Cost effective GigE Vision cameras for machine vision, replace analog camera, cabling and frame grabber, Firewire, USB2 cameras; GEnie Series - Concept: Plug-and-Play experience,integration of the Camera with Sapera LT, Handy set of pre-processing features suited to machine vision, Trigger-to-Image Reliability; GEnie Series - Sensors: directly target popular CCD resolutions (mono and Bayer) using SONY interline sensors; GEnie Series -" Exposure Modes; GEnie Series -" Processing Acceleration, White Balancing, Flat-field Correction, Bayer Decoding, LUT, Color-Space Converter, Binning, Horizontal Image Flip, Planar Conversion, Window Generator, Histogram and Image Statistics; GEnie Series -" Pixel Types; GEnie Series -" Camera Status: LED-Status; GEnie Series -" Industrial Robustness; X64 GigE, new family of frame grabbers, stand-alone box, standard Ethernet networ ...
    Erstellt: 22.05.2012 11:40
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    It Takes Two to Tango - Dual Line-Scan Architecture for High Reponsitivity and Low Photon Shot Noise
    Mark Butler - DALSA Corporation Content: Historical Trends in Machine Vision; Historical Trends in Line-Scan, more responsivity, Less signal electrons, Higher photon shot noise relative to camera output; Line-Scan Cameras, photons, Scan area, Lens, Object/Web, frame rates, Illumination expensive and a safety hazard, Image quality; Problem: Too much noise and too few photons, camera´s read noise and photon shot noise exceed the digital detection threshold of machine vision applications, Line-Scan technology, TDI technology; Solution: Dual Line-Scan Architecture: Breaks the shot noise vs. responsivity barrier, Breaks the read noise vs. responsivity barrier; arrays of pixels Keywords: Papers 2006, Industry, Cameras, Products & Services (P&S) ...
    Erstellt: 11.05.2012 1:37
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    10. SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena
    Papers, Photos and Videos about Mobile Green Vision Technology for Measurement Engineering and Quality Assurance, 20.04.2011, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 22.04.2011 11:45
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    Video: GigE Vision for Real-Time Machine Vision
    Eric Carey - DALSA Corporation Content: The acceptance and use of Gigabit Ethernet technology for industrial digital imaging applications continues to grow. The increased variety and capability of cameras to leverage this powerful interface, combined with planned updates to the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) GigE Vision® interface standards makes GigE Vision based imaging more robust and more ideal than ever for real-time machine vision applications. This presentation will highlight and discuss the impact of these new interface developments and examine how DALSA is taking advantage of this versatile and robust interface to inform its next generation of GigE Vision Cameras. Attendees will learn how direct, camera to PC, deployment (no frame grabber) can save time and money, how in-camera data compression can facilitate even higher data transfer rates and optimize imaging processing resources, and how ...
    Erstellt: 25.11.2010 16:22
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    VISION 2010 Stuttgart
    VISION 2010, 09.11.-11.11.2010, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 20.11.2010 10:23
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    The Vision Show Boston, Massachusetts USA
    The Vision Show, 25.05.-27.05.2010, Boston, Massachusetts USA ...
    Erstellt: 29.05.2010 9:17
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    Video: How factory automation is evolving and reshaping today's industrial vision solutions
    Steve Geraghty - DALSA Corporation 10:00 - 10:30 Uhr Content: The session will examine: the requirements and demands associated with machine vision deployment on the factory floor; how traditional vision integration is changing and DALSAs response to end-users need for greater control introduce a new compact vision system, a fully integrated solution, built for factory automation and beyond. Keywords: Videos 2009, Industry, Cameras, Products & Services (P&S) ...
    Erstellt: 10.01.2010 15:59
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    VISION 2009 Stuttgart
    VISION 2009, 03.11.-05.11.2009, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 04.11.2009 21:31
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    Industrial VISION Days 2006 Stuttgart
    Vom 07.-09.11.2006 fand in Stuttgart die 19. Internationale Fachmesse für industrielle Bildverarbeitung und Identifikationstechnologien statt. ...
    Erstellt: 26.11.2006 19:23
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    Technologie-Tag STEMMER IMAGING 2006
    Erfolgreicher Technologie-Tag zu GigE Vision und GenICam ...
    Erstellt: 29.10.2006 1:04