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    Video: How the new CoaXPress technology helps develop highresolution and high-speed machine
    Marc Damhaut - Euresys Keywords: Cameras, Industry, Products & Services (P&S), Videos 2014 ...
    Erstellt: 18.12.2014 21:31
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    VISION 2014 Stuttgart
    VISION 2014, 04.11.-06.11.2014, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 15.11.2014 11:59
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    Image analysis tools for computer vision – Download, Develop, and Deploy with Open eVision 1.0
    Marc Damhaut - Euresys Content: - General Features - New Licensing System - General Purpose Libraries - Mark Inspection Libraries - Development Tools Keywords Papers 2008, Industry, Software, Products & Services (P&S) ...
    Erstellt: 18.06.2012 14:55
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    Video: All the experience of Euresys in a new cost-effective line of Camera Link frame grabbers
    Marc Damhaut - EURESYS Content: New CameraLink applications are now provided with a well-balanced choice of cost-effective and full-featured CameraLink frame grabbers able to compete with other technological alternatives. This range includes three new boards: the Grablink Base for one Base-configuration camera, the Grablink DualBase for two Base-configuration cameras and the Grablink Full for one Base-, Medium- or Full-configuration (including 10-tap) camera. These boards are equipped with a rich set of IO lines compatible with a wide range of sensors and encoders, and they feature an x4 or x1 PCI Express bus. This complete offer covers all types of applications of CameraLink cameras, single- or dual-camera applications, area-scan and line-scan, including high-resolution and high-speed applications. Keywords: Videos 2010, Industry, Embedded, Interfaces, Products & Services (P&S) ...
    Erstellt: 25.11.2010 16:23
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    VISION 2010 Stuttgart
    VISION 2010, 09.11.-11.11.2010, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 20.11.2010 10:23
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    Industrial Vision Days 2008 Stuttgart
    Vom 04.-06.11.2008 fanden die 21. Industrial Vision Days in Stuttgart statt. ...
    Erstellt: 30.09.2008 15:01