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    Handheld/Portable Fluorescence Sensors and Test Platforms
    Konrad Faulstich - ESE Embedded System Engineering GmbH Abstract: ESE Embedded System Engineering GmbH has developed affordable, handheld/mobile optoelectronic sensors suitable to detect fluorescence on surfaces and in liquids with highest sensitivity at fixed wavelengths. Current sensors commercially available through ESE include the choice of one or two excitation sources and emission detectors in a range from 365nm to 720nm. Sensitivity in liquids using Fluoresceine has been determined to 500 femtomolar (5*10-13 mol/l). The core of this unique technology is a 90 gram optoelectronic bench combining latest advances in optics and microelectronics. Due to the handheld format useful for field based tests, the sensors must meet the challenges of inaccuracies in positioning due to non-stationary handling of the devices by custome ...
    Erstellt: 25.04.2012 11:07
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    1. Jenaer Workshop Spektralsensorik Jena
    1. Jenaer Workshop Spektralsensorik von OptoNet am 20.09.2007 auf dem Beutenberg Campus in Jena. ...
    Erstellt: 08.11.2007 14:10