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    Vision Sensors - no engineering, no risk?
    Dr. techn. Herbert Hufnagl - Festo AG & Co KG Inhalt: Machine Vision vs. Vision Sensor, Engineering vs. Plug and Work; Machine Vision: system integrators; Vision Sensors: reduced complexity, setup by non-vision experts; Machine Vision Applications: factory automation: quality inspection: Check completeness, non contact measurement (part geometry), Surface inspection; Identification: OCR, Code reading; Handling and assembly; Machine setup / diagnosis: highspeed videos; Vision Sensor Applications: Quality inspection, Check completeness, Non contact measurement (part geometry), Surface inspection, Identification: OCR, Identification; Handling & assembly; Part recognition / part position determination, End effector positioning, Navigation of mobile robots; Machine setup / diagnosis, Recording of highspeed videos; light illumination, media, object, reflexion, lens, sensor, image, processing, analysis, recognition, result, control; lighting; optics, ...
    Erstellt: 25.05.2012 14:03
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    Hannover Messe 2006
    Hannover Messe 2006, 24. April - 28. April, Bildverarbeitungs-Forum (Halle 17, Stand B60) ...
    Erstellt: 08.03.2008 12:01