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    Organische Leuchtdioden (OLED) für Beleuchtung - Grundlagen und Applikationen
    Dr. -Ing. Gotthard Weißflog - Ingenieurbüro Technology Project Development Inhalt: OLED Organic Light Emitting Diode, Philips - Solid State Lighting, 4th revolution in lighting technology; disruptive technologies: Inorganic: Very bright point sources, Rapid growth in special lighting markets, Embryonic in general illumination markets; Organic (small molecule or polymer), Large area diffusive light sources, Emerging in (mobile) display markets, Embryonic in all lighting markets; Marktentwicklung – OLED Produkte: Produkte für Displays und Beleuchtung, OIDA, Samsung, Frost & Sullivan; Low Power Consumption + No Use of Mercury, total electric power consumption, lighting; Energy Efficiency of White Light Sources, Inorganic LED, Organic LED; Lighting Advantages: Formfactor thin, Homogenous luminance distribution, broad spectrum, different colors Keywords: Papers 2007, Industry, Medicine, Biology, Illumination, Products & Services ...
    Erstellt: 04.05.2012 13:10
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    Sonderbeiträge 2007
    Erstellt: 13.04.2007 20:36