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    3CCD cameras for industrial applications
    Gunnar Jonson - JAI Camera Solutions Content: The history of 3CCD cameras The principle of 3CCD cameras Color vs Monochrome imaging in Machine Vision Other color imaging technologies Industrial 3CCD application areas Keywords: Papers 2005, Industry, Cameras, Acquisition, Products & Services (P&S) ...
    Erstellt: 29.05.2012 14:36
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    GigE camera interface opens up new possibilities
    Gunnar Jonson - JAI Camera Solutions Content: - Rationale for serial camera interfaces - Comparison of interface alternatives - Adapting Gigabit Ethernet for Vision - Frame Grabber-free solution - GigE cameras for Vision - Possible system configurations - Roadmap of future cameras - Conclusions Keywords: Papers 2005, Industry, Cabling, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 29.05.2012 14:09
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    GigE camera interface opens up new possibilities
    Gunnar Jonson - JAI Camera Solutions Inhalt: CV-M10 series First progressive scan, JAI A-series First compact cameras with RS-232C setup, CV-A1 First compact megapixel, CV-M9CL First progressive scan 3CCD with CL, CV-A10CL Workhorse SVGA Camera with CL, TMC-6700 First color progressive scan, AccuPiXEL series VGA to 2k x 2k Supporting LVDS and CL, TM-6710CL First progressive Scan with CL; Analog interfaces; Going digital advantages: Digitization close to the sensor: best S/N-ratio, Undistorted transmission of pixel data, Eliminate timing constraints, heavily marketing digital camera, interfaces completely new, Digital interfaces are not new, Parallel TTL interfaces, Differential interfaces, LVDS interfaces evolved to CameraLink, alternatives to the analog interface; Standardization: Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) a dedicated serial camera interface, all products based on GigE Vision and GenICam are interchangeable; imaging libraries & development tool ...
    Erstellt: 22.05.2012 12:26
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    Multi-spectral Imaging for Machine Vision
    Gunnar Jonson - JAI Camera Solution Content: Background: imaging applications, monochrome cameras, visible spectrum, Non-visible parts, combination of Visible and Near-IR light; Current solutions: combine information from the visible and non-visible part of the spectrum, two cameras carefully aligned in order to have the same field of view, high-end multi-spectral 4-CCD cameras can be implemented, cost implications that may disqualify a multi-spectral approach; Application cases: multi-spectral applications: Vegetables, Fruit, Beans, Nuts, Meat; Solutions: Alignment issues Keywords: Papers 2006, Industry, Vision Sensors, Products & Services (P&S) ...
    Erstellt: 11.05.2012 1:14
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    Industrial VISION Days 2006 Stuttgart
    Vom 07.-09.11.2006 fand in Stuttgart die 19. Internationale Fachmesse für industrielle Bildverarbeitung und Identifikationstechnologien statt. ...
    Erstellt: 26.11.2006 19:23
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    Technologie-Tag STEMMER IMAGING 2006
    Erfolgreicher Technologie-Tag zu GigE Vision und GenICam ...
    Erstellt: 29.10.2006 1:04
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    Industrial VISION Days 2005 Stuttgart
    18. Internationale Fachmesse für industrielle Bildverarbeitung und Identifikationstechnologien, 08. bis 10. November 2005, Stuttgart. ...
    Erstellt: 01.08.2005 9:47