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    MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND EDUCATION to cultivate Scientific Basic Knowledge of People
    Komyo Kariya - Ritsumeikan University Conclusions: - Progress of papers had past reported was shown. - Effectiveness of National Education to rise up Scientific,Technical and Information Sense of people by using “Measurement Science” was recognized. Here, the structure of ”Measurement Science” was indicated by the basic and four conceptions. These thought consists by the introduction of four definition functions, and is supported by the basic setting “An action of A man” and “An act to measure”. - Contents of “Measurement Science” to slot to each stage of National Education were discussed Keywords: Papers 2008, Industry, Education & Training (E&T) ...
    Erstellt: 20.06.2012 18:02
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    12th IMEKO TC1 & TC7 Annecy
    12th IMEKO TC1 & TC7 Joint Symposium on "Man Science & Measurement" September 03.-05.2008 Annecy, France ...
    Erstellt: 03.09.2008 14:30