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    Video: Prosilica GX from Allied Vision Technologies is redefining the limits of GigE Vision
    Paul Kozik - Allied Vision Technologies Content: The success of GigE Vision encouraged Allied Vision Technologies to continue to unveil new technologies and ideas to the machine vision market. New high bandwidth sensors have pushed the company’s engineers to innovate once again. After rejecting CameraLink due to short cable length, framegrabber support costs and a competitive landscape, using Ethernet with Link Aggregation was suggested. This bandwidth expansion mechanism has been used in networking for many years. Applying Link Aggregate Groups (LAG) to cameras offers users the ability to maintain the benefits of GigE Vision while doubling interface bandwidth to 240 MBps. The Prosilica GX family began series production in February, 2010 proudly becoming the fastest GigE camera in the world. The quad tap Kodak architecture pushed the company to reinvent tap balancing and improve this performance beyond what was previously tho ...
    Erstellt: 27.11.2010 16:06
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    VISION 2010 Stuttgart
    VISION 2010, 09.11.-11.11.2010, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 20.11.2010 10:23