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    Video: Multimodal Simulation of the Phage-λ Decision Cycle
    Ryan Imms - Loughborough University Content: Biomedical Simulation Viral Reproduction Phage-λ Modelling Stages Model Purpose Model Realisation Model Parameterisation Results Model Limitations Further Applications Keywords: Videos 2011, Industry, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 04.10.2011 22:13
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    Video: Progress on Measurement in Biology & Medicine: Multiscale Systems Engineering
    Prof. Dr. Ron Summers - Loughborough University Outline: Introduction to the Team Multiscale Modelling Anatomic Level of Analysis Cellular Level of Analysis Protein Level of Analysis Genome Level of Analysis Future Work Keywords: Videos 2011, Industry, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 27.09.2011 19:56
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    14th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium Jena
    Presentations about Intelligent Quality Measurements - Theory, Education and Training, 31.08.-02.09.2011, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 03.09.2011 19:31