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    Video: Cloud Computing als nächste rEvolution für Software und Services
    Frank P. Sempert, William S. McNee - Saugatuck Technology Inc. Inhalt: Aktueller Saugatuck Research Definition des Cloud-Stacks/-Ecosystem Entwicklung Cloud IT, Services/Anwendungen und Märkte Erste Analysen aus einer aktuellen Befragung Wo wir stehen Keywords: Videos 2010, Industry, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 04.05.2010 16:34
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    7. NEMO-SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Nufringen
    7. NEMO-SpectroNet Collaboration Forum, 28.04.2010, Nufringen ...
    Erstellt: 01.05.2010 19:30
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    Video: Cloud and SaaS – After the Storm
    William S. McNee - Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology Content: Despite a tough global economy, Cloud Computing and SaaS continue to take the industry by storm. While purchase decision cycles are no doubt lengthening across the entire IT spectrum, on-premise alternatives have taken the brunt of the current downturn, as business and IT users begin to rethink their application and infrastructure deployment architectures. The key issue longer-term – for both SMB and Large Enterprise customers – is what will happen as IT budgets begin to recover in 2010-2011, and beyond. Leveraging a recently completed study on Cloud Computing, this presentation will provide a framework to better understand the emerging drivers, preferences and timing vis-à-vis Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS buyer demand. In addition, it will include highlights from Saugatuck’s recently completed worldwide C ...
    Erstellt: 28.11.2009 0:44
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    SaaSKON 2009 Stuttgart
    SaaSKON 2009, 11.11.-12.11.2009, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 22.11.2009 8:43