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    LEDs an der Schwelle zum Einsatz in Projektionssystemen: Herausforderungen, Grenzen und Anwendungen
    Dr. Anton Moffat - Carl Zeiss AG Inhalt: Motivation for using LEDs: Colours, Lifetime, Colour Saturation, Lifetime, Semiconductor Lamp; LED-Based Projection Systems; DMD Microdisplays for High Light Throughput at High Contrast: Lumens, brightness, light throughput, Liquid Crystal Imagers (LCD, LCOS),Digital Micromirror Device (DMD); Geometrical Optical Requirements, Light Source Area; System Design Methodology; Basic Projection System Design, DMD Lamp-based System; LED Module Configuration: Monolithic Solution, Tiled Solution; LED Light Sources; Physical Optical Requirements; Electro-Optic Transfer Function (EOT), Basic System Performance Data to Optimize Driving Conditions; Driving Conditions, Approximately Equal Radiant Power for RGB at the White Point Keywords: Papers 2006, Industry, Illumination, Research & Development (R&D), Products & Services (P&S) ...
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    Intelligente LED Jena
    Workshop: Intelligente LED-Beleuchtungssysteme - Fraunhofer IOF 29.06.2006 ...
    Erstellt: 30.06.2006 14:16