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    Video: Fish-Eye Camera for Shading Analysis in Forests
    Dr. David Pryor - ColorLite GmbH   Content: Solar radiation assessment in forests …why? Solar radiation assessment in towns and cities for… Problems determining the potential solar radiation available Drawbacks of the hemispherical photography method can be significantly reduced by: The experiments have shown that the new test system Keywords: Videos 2012, Industry, Products & Services (P&S), Cameras, Acquisition ...
    Erstellt: 08.10.2012 21:47
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    JENCOLOR Innovation Forum 2012 - 14. SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena
    Presentations about Innovative Smart Color & Multispectral Imaging Applications in Industry, Biology & Medicine, 05.09.2012, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 07.09.2012 11:47
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    Video: Innovative Spectral Photometers for Industrial and Non-industrial Applications
    Dr. David Pryor - ColorLite GmbH Content: Introduction ColorLite spectral colour measuring equipment ColorLite spectral online colour measuring equipment Keywords: Videos 2012, Products & Services (P&S), Spectrometers, Industry ...
    Erstellt: 07.05.2012 20:06
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    13. SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Konstanz
    Papers, Photos and Videos about Innovative/Smart Color and Spectral Imaging in Industry, Biology and Medicine, 17.04.2012, Konstanz ...
    Erstellt: 21.04.2012 12:27
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    Video: Flexible spectral photometers for food industry
    Dipl.-Ing. David Pryor - ColorLite GmbH Content: Spektrale Farbmessgeräte für die Lebensmittel-Industrie Farbmessung von Feststoffen und Pulver Farbmessung von Flüssigkeiten Farbmessung von inhomogenen proben Keywords: Videos 2010, Industry, Spectrometers, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 08.09.2010 21:45
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    8. NEMO-SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena
    Papers, Photos and Videos about Green Vision and Photonics for Ecological Agriculture, Forest & Food Industry, 26.08.-27.08.2010, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 29.08.2010 14:33