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    Achieving Performance within the GigE Vision Framework
    Rudi Rincker - VP of Sales Pleora Technologies Inhalt: GigE Vision for vision, AIA GigE Vision, iPORT IP Engines for GEV; iPORT IP Engines for GEV; Pleora eBUS Driver: Auto-identifies and responds to high-level IP, transport protocol used by incoming data, Streams data headed by performance-oriented protocols (i.e. iPORT or GVSP) directly to user memory in real time at GigE´s full, 1-Gb/s throughput rate, Sends data headed by lower-performance protocols (i.e.TCP) to Windows IP stack for processing, Bundled with Pleora´s iPORT IP Engines, end-to-end GigE connectivity solution Offered to select OEMs as standalone driver iPORT SDK for GEV, iPORT SDK v. 2.3 Provides range of GEV-compliant software implementation options; Pleora and GEV - Conclusion: Multi-faceted technology strategy gives Pleora´s camera partners, OEM customers, and end-user customers a clean and simple way to adopt GEV while minimizing disruptions to existing practices and applic ...
    Erstellt: 22.05.2012 12:32
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    Technologie-Tag STEMMER IMAGING 2006
    Erfolgreicher Technologie-Tag zu GigE Vision und GenICam ...
    Erstellt: 29.10.2006 1:04