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    SPIE Photonics West 2015 San Francisco
    SPIE Photonics West 2015, 07.02.-12.02.2015, San Francisco ...
    Erstellt: 19.02.2015 14:08
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    Video: Old and New Concepts Approximating Metrological Traceability in Human and Social Measurement
    William P. Fisher, Jr. - University of California Outline: Review of how symbols are associated with things for quantitative comparability Related concepts in psychology and the social sciences: True Score Theory Guttman Item Response Theory Rasch’s Models for Measurement Construct Mapping Keywords: Industry, Research & Development (R&D), Papers 2014 ...
    Erstellt: 12.10.2014 22:10
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    16th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium Funchal
    16th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium, 03.09.-05.09.2014, Funchal ...
    Erstellt: 04.10.2014 23:18
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    SPIE Photonics West 2014 San Francisco
    SPIE Photonics West 2014, 01.02.-06.02.2014, San Francisco ...
    Erstellt: 09.02.2014 20:48
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    Video: On the conceptual foundations of psychological measurement
    David Torres Irribarra - University of California Content: INTRODUCTION PERSPECTIVES ON MEASUREMENT BRINGING THE PERSPECTIVES TOGETHER Keywords: Research & Development (R&D), Videos 2013 ...
    Erstellt: 08.10.2013 9:25
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    Video: From Concrete to Abstract in the Measurement of Length
    William P. Fisher, Jr. - University of California,  Andreas Stephanou - Australian Council for Educational Research Content: Two Rasch Measurement Experiments that measure length Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Same Design Elements Across Experiments Experiment 1 Results Experiment 2 Results Discussion Conclusions Keywords: Research & Development (R&D), Education & Training (E&T), Videos 2013 ...
    Erstellt: 08.10.2013 8:42
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    Video: Overcoming the Invisibility of Metrology: A Reading Measurement Network for Education
    William P. Fisher, Jr. - University of California Content: Metrology Metrology is Fundamental Consequences for Psychology and Social Sciences Theory and Models Instruments and Traceability Implications Keywords: Research & Development (R&D), Education & Training (E&T), Videos 2013 ...
    Erstellt: 08.10.2013 8:33
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    Video: A gentle introduction to Rasch measurement models for metrologists
    Luca Mari - Università Cattaneo Mark Wilson - University of California Content: Background Motivation In memory of Ludwik Finkelstein Strategy Calibration and measurement A structural analogy A construct map Discussion and conclusions The role of (physical) laws Next Steps Keywords: Industry, Research & Development (R&D), Education & Training (E&T), Videos 2013 ...
    Erstellt: 25.09.2013 7:45
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    15th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium Genova
    15th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium, 04.09.-06.09.2013, Genova ...
    Erstellt: 15.09.2013 23:30
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    Lensfree On-Chip Microscopy and Tomography Toward Telemedicine Applications
    Aydogan Ozcan - University of California   Content: Today there are close to 6 billion cell-phone users in the world, and the majority of these cellphones are being used in the developing parts of the world. This massive volume of wireless phone communication brings an enormous cost-reduction to cellphones despite their sophisticated hardware and software capabilities. Utilizing this advanced state of the art of the cell phone technology toward point-of-care diagnostics, sensing and microscopic imaging applications can offer numerous opportunities to improve health care especially in the developing world where medical facilities and infrastructure are extremely limited or even do not exist. For this end, here we review our recent progress on the use of cellphones as computational microscopes, bio-chemical sensors as well as medical diagnostic tools. Keywords: Papers 2013, Biology, Medicine, Research & Development (R&D), Acquis ...
    Erstellt: 29.04.2013 15:20
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    SPIE Photonics West 2013 San Francisco
    SPIE Photonics West 2013, 02.02.-07.02.2013, San Francisco ...
    Erstellt: 12.02.2013 20:08
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    Dennis Matthews - University of California    Content: Center for Acceleration of Medical Technology Commercialization - CAMTEC Motivation – Exploit Science and Technology Center to Innovate Fostering an Ecosystem to Accelerate Innovation of Technology from an STC E-Fellows Program: Education/ Mentorship/ Training EBI Strategic Plan & Milestones Achieved Projects to Test-drive the Ecosystem Developing the Ecosystem Regional Innovation Ecosystem Keywords: Videos 2012, Medicine, Marketing & Sales (M&S) ...
    Erstellt: 24.08.2012 20:56
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    INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF BIOPHOTONICS 2012 JENA, 19.06.-21.06.2012, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 06.07.2012 15:53
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    SPIE Photonics West 2012 San Francisco
    SPIE Photonics West 2012, 21.01.-26.01.2012, San Francisco ...
    Erstellt: 01.01.2012 21:24
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    Video: Measurement, Metrology, and the Coordination of Sociotechnical Networks
    William P. Fisher, Jr. - University of California Content: How things themselves call for unified expression Five moments in complex adaptive system functionality Expression in survey data and scaling Viability of probability-based traceability for psychosocial constructs Keywords: Videos 2011, Industry, Education & Training (E&T) ...
    Erstellt: 14.09.2011 21:23
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    14th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium Jena
    Presentations about Intelligent Quality Measurements - Theory, Education and Training, 31.08.-02.09.2011, Jena ...
    Erstellt: 03.09.2011 19:31
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    Video: Reliability, Precision, and Measurement in the Context of Data from Ability Tests, Surveys
    William P. Fisher, Jr. - Berkeley University California Conclusions: Reliability tends to increase with sample size and test length, as error decreases relative to variation. Reliability is affected by the internal consistency of the data, but not as much as it is by sample size and test length. Internal consistency must be evaluated by means of different approaches attuned to different types of failures of invariance. Keywords: Videos 2010, Industry, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 28.09.2010 21:10
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    13th IMEKO TC1–TC7 Joint Symposium London
    'Without Measurement No Science, Without Science No Measurement', 1-3 September 2010, City University London, UK ...
    Erstellt: 05.09.2010 14:39