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    XXI IMEKO World Congress Prague
    XXl IMEKO World Congress, 30.08.-04.09.2015, Prague ...
    Erstellt: 14.09.2015 14:22
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    Development of Remote Controlled Virtual Laboratory
    Angéla Váradi - University of Miskolc Content of the presentation: Introduction Structure of the virtual laboratory GPIB based system for testing electronic circuits Distributed modular system for testing sensor applications Demonstration of the system operation Conclusion Keywords: Papers 2009, Industry, Interfaces,Research & Development ...
    Erstellt: 27.03.2012 15:50
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    Video: Engineering is fun - in the instrumentation laboratory
    Angéla Váradi - University of Miskolc Conclusions: Courses in metrology are practice oriented subjects, requiring activity and creativity of students. New practical experiments and teaching methods worked out at our department encourage students, increase their motivation. Project based course integrates theoretical knowledge and practical abilities, students solve real-life problems, while they learn to work in team. The remote controlled laboratory provides wide range of educational utilization, particular focus points depend on the specialization and the year of the study. Keywords: Videos 2010, Industry, Research & Development (R&D) ...
    Erstellt: 12.09.2010 20:58
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    13th IMEKO TC1–TC7 Joint Symposium London
    'Without Measurement No Science, Without Science No Measurement', 1-3 September 2010, City University London, UK ...
    Erstellt: 05.09.2010 14:39
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    IMEKO XIX World Congress Lisbon
    IMEKO XIX World Congress, 06.09. - 11.09.2009, Lisbon Portugal ...
    Erstellt: 07.09.2009 19:19