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    e2v GigE Products & Roadmap
    Pierre Chazan - European Sales Manager e2v ltd Inhalt: GigE Package Offer all at once : CAMERA AvivA Ultimate GE, Filter and High performance driver, TLC compliant with EVALUATION SOFTWARE compliant with SDK, GenICam based sample code AvivA GE Key Features: monochrome sensors, color sensors, compatible with current CL and LVDS versions, TLC compliant with latest GenICam, CommCam: Evaluation software, Generic GUI based on GenICam, Presenting comprehensive camera features, Supporting script with HyperTerminal, Display video, histogram, XY profile, Software SDK, GenICam based sample code, Provide VC7.1 code samples, Gigabit Technology roadmap: CAMERA version, FILTER driver, HIGH PERFO Intel driver; Roadmap by end 2006: All e2v AViVA M2 Line-Scan camera available in GigE version, The colour version SC2 available in Q1/2007, Prototype availability: Vision Show Stuttgart, Production: January 2007, Future evolutions, Sensor improvements, More proces ...
    Erstellt: 22.05.2012 12:28
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    Atmel Grenoble becomes e2v semiconductors
    Keith Attwood - Chief Executive Officer e2v ltd Inhalt: Imaging: Digital intra-oral X-ray sensors, Panoramic & cephalometric X-ray sensors, CCD high-speed line scan cameras, CCD & CMOS high-resolution, area scan cameras, CMOS sensors, Digital radiography Intra-oral dental Inspection, extra-oral dental Inspection, Sorting, OCR, Bar code, Metrology, Microscopy, Automotive, Earth observation; Sensors & RF: Low power RF integrated circuits, Sensor Data Acquisition, Custom integrated circuits, Alarms, Toys, Automatic meter reading, Home automation, Automotive, Environment, surveillance, Industrial process control; Broadband Data Converters & Microprocessors: Defense & Space: Radars, Electronic warfare, Countermeasures Avionics, Telecom, Instrumentation, Industrial; Sensors: CCD Image sensors & cameras, solid state, microwave components, thermal imaging cameras, gas sensors and X-ray, detectors: Dental X-ray, Mammography, Life Science applications, ...
    Erstellt: 22.05.2012 11:45
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    VISION 2010 Stuttgart
    VISION 2010, 09.11.-11.11.2010, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 20.11.2010 10:23
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    The Vision Show Boston, Massachusetts USA
    The Vision Show, 25.05.-27.05.2010, Boston, Massachusetts USA ...
    Erstellt: 29.05.2010 9:17
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    VISION 2009 Stuttgart
    VISION 2009, 03.11.-05.11.2009, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 04.11.2009 21:31
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    Technologie-Tag STEMMER IMAGING 2006
    Erfolgreicher Technologie-Tag zu GigE Vision und GenICam ...
    Erstellt: 29.10.2006 1:04