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    Video: Top 4 Reasons to Go the CMOS Way
    René von Fintel - Basler AG Keywords: Industry, Products & Services (P&S), Videos 2014, Vision Sensors ...
    Erstellt: 17.12.2014 23:54
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    VISION 2014 Stuttgart
    VISION 2014, 04.11.-06.11.2014, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 15.11.2014 11:59
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    Video: Camera Innovation: With the New USB 3.0, Basler Offers a Wide Variety of Interfaces
    René von Fintel - Basler AG   Content: At VISION 2012, Basler will launch the USB 3.0 interface in its now even smaller sized ace camera. This new interface together with the release of the USB3 Vision standard will garner interest in testing and switching to this camera interface. The pros & cons of the new interface – compared to the other interfaces, like Gigabit Ethernet – need to be weighed up before going for USB 3.0. USB 3.0 offers a higher bandwidth, but GigE is the preferred interface in terms of cable length. USB 3.0 supports plug & play functionalities, but GigE has advantages in networking capabilities. Basler will give a thorough introduction to the ace camera models featuring the USB 3.0 interface and will share the advantages and disadvantages of USB 3.0 with respect to other interfaces.  Keywords: Videos 2012, Industry, Products & Services (P&S), Cameras, Interfaces ...
    Erstellt: 03.12.2012 23:46
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    VISION 2012 Stuttgart
    VISION 2012, 06.11.-08.11.2012, Stuttgart ...
    Erstellt: 18.11.2012 17:22